New of my being during quarantine

I constantly think about my life — what I am going right and what needs improvements. The same rule applies to private life, business, raising children. But in the current situation I feel some sort of new dimension — I started total revatulation from 20/03/2020, when Australia closed the borders to get in the country.
I would like to share my insights with you now, when we found ourselves in the VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity) REALITY – whether we want that or not, where changes are happening instantly and totally under no control.

We started “training” couple of years ago, when I created my team and everyone worked from home through project management software. ☝🏼One important remark, I do not no micro management of my team, because I know that each of them is a responsible adult, can manage their own time and deliver the results we need. In the current situation, we got back to that arrangements – from office back to home work. So to say, we self-isolated without any business interruption. My team – people with unique skills who are passionate what they do!

We (I and my husband) are both working and we compliment each other – financially and spiritually. If there is a problem, then one or another will have a stirring wheel – who can solve that problem, and another will take other duties. Now my husband is temporary out of work, but he is taking care of our children (and we have three of those!), that helps me to dedicate more time for my business. We can make relationship work better In current situation, because we have to team up to go through this crisis.

I was always under the view, that business should have a soul, not to be just a money-making machine. Scope of my business is heavily involved in life of different people, who are going though difficult times, stress and would like to achieve results they need. MY duty is to assist in difficult situation, to do everything right, 150%. As before, I am happy to help people. I am going to create more online content so many subscribers and potential clients can stay tuned.⠀

Due to enormous speed of my own life I have only those chickens as a little hobby. We got them last year when local school did hatching experiment.  They were so little and fluffy, we could not resist and brought them home. Now they are our pets, with benefits! Step by step, they produce 5 eggs a day, therefore we are ready for quarantine. 
Next step would be gardening! Now it is a great time not only reconsider your life, but the wind of positive changes.  It is a new challenge, as in every crisis we can find motivation!

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