New criteria for hospitality manager occupations

The hospitality industry continues to evolve across the globe.

Professionals with international experience and education remain a priority for employers, and educational programs in this field are in high demand among international students.

Recently VETASSESS has reviewed and updated its skills assessment criteria for two occupations relating to accommodation and hospitality management.

 Accommodation and Hospitality Managers NEC

 organise and control the operations of establishments that provide accommodation and hospitality services.  This group covers accommodation and hospitality managers in roles that are not classified elsewhere under the codes developed by ANZSCO and include Boarding House Manager, Guest House Manager, and Serviced Apartment Manager. 

The ANZSCO occupation of Hotel or Motel Manager

includes roles such as Hotelier, Publican, Hotel Duty Manager, and Resort Manager. Managers of some levels of serviced apartments can also apply under this category. In the context of serviced apartments (which may be owned by different investors) for the occupation of Hotel or Motel Manager, the applicant must be responsible for all aspects of the serviced apartment’s operation, as well as demonstrating knowledge and experience in body corporate legislation and in liaising with numerous individual apartment owners.

Updated sheets on the skills assessment criteria you will find on VETASSESS website:

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