My first award AusMumpreneur 2021

My dear friends! I’m so happy!

I am a business-mum of three wonderful children, Yulia Moiseeva, an Australian registered migration agent from Gold Coast, QLD, who is trying every day to help everyone who wants to relocate to Australia and start a new better life, I won GOLD of AusMumpreneur2021  Awards.

I am soooo thankful for your votes, which provided these outstanding results of people’s vote award, and I was announced as the winner of the Leadership nomination!

This is my first time in this kind of events and I have received such a significant result immediately! For me, this is a clear sign that WE (me and my team) are on the right pathway!

This is the twelfth year for AusMumpreneur Awards, with the business mum community growing at lightning speed as mothers are looking for opportunities to join the ranks of small business owners for more flexibility, financial freedom, and family time.

I have met amazing women who blew me away with their entrepreneurial spirit and professionalism! Their businesses are so important and unique to Australia that it can take your breath away! I am very honoured to join this community of business-mums, where we certainly understand the pains and joys of each other.

My dears, thank you so much for your support!
I am infinitely grateful!

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