Migration updates for partners

Great news for everyone in relationships with Australians and planning to apply for a partner visa!


Starting from November 25, 2023, your locations at time of visa application lodgement and at time of visa decision no longer matters. In other words, the DOHA’s officer can make a decision, and you can get your visa anytime, regardless of where you are.


For example,


Partner visa SC309 requires applicants to submit application being outside Australia. However, now you can come to Australia on a visitor visa (after submitting documents) and receive the visa SC309 grant while you are in Australia.


Or Partner visa SC820 is for applicants who submit application being in Australia. Now, after submitting documents, you can leave Australia while waiting for the decision and get the visa granted while abroad.


The rules for the Prospective marriage visa SC 300 application and decision remain unchanged: you must meet in person at least once, and the visa applicant must be offshore (outside Asutralia) during both application and visa decision stages.

Guys, for all lovebirds, starting or continuing relationships with Australians or Australian permanent visa holders, we’ve developed very helpful tool – a checklist for a self-assessment of your chances to get Partner visa. Please download it for FREE on Immi School Website.

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