Latest state and territories nominations updates for visas 190 and 491

Guys, I am sharing the latest nominations statistic from the Department. This info is gold for those of you who is currently awaiting invites for visa SC190 or 491 from states and territories migration offices.

This year’s nomination allocations has literally surprised us and with competition among candidates is skyrocketing. While we’re getting some invites, they’re just morsels compared to the daily flood of approved employer sponsored visas.

For your convenience, I’ve put together all the juicy details in slides.

Spoiler: the maximum number of current places remains in New South Wales, Victoria, and South Australia. Additionally, the final slide includes information on invitations sent in January 2024.

Remember, received invitations for nomination are not visas yet. It's that critical phase where every point you've claimed in EOI needs to be backed up with the right docs.

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