Karamba! If a temporary visa is ending

There is a wide variety of temporary and permanent visas to Australia. A total of 74 subclasses, where you can find tourist and student visas, employer sponsored visas to cities, regions or even to a specific sponsor, visas for businessmen, investors and for outstanding talents, visas for children and parents, special visas for New Zealand citizens an humanitarian visas for refugees from different countries, the so-called bridging visas, as well as some very highly specialized visas, for example, for crew members of a ship or liner.

You may agree, to understand this complex system of Australian visas fluently, you need to be a very curious  person or just be a professional migration agent.

If you are not one of those the lucky types, and your temporary visa will soon expire (as it usually happens!), what can be done?

Here are some tips for those who are in a difficult visa situation.

  1. To start with, answer yourself a question whether you intend to extend your stay in Australia. Even if you do not plan to do this, I strongly advise you to comply with your visa conditions and leave Australia in a timely manner, before your current visa expires so you do not ruin your visa history and reserve the ability to freely travel around the world!
  2. Next, you need to evaluate your chances and opportunities in order to decide which next visa (out of 74 !!!) will be most suitable for you.

Here is a list of key factors to consider:

  • English level
  • the possibilities and conditions of the state in which you reside
  • possibility of relocation and probability of state sponsorship
  • your employer’s ability to provide you with a permanent or temporary sponsorship
  • visa opportunity to open a business
  • your current visa history is refusals / cancellations
  • your health / criminal record
  • opportunity to get additional education

How do you like it? It is a common daily task for an experienced migration agent and probably a brain explosion for most potential immigrants.

If you do not want to bomb your brains in this intellectual strategic battle with the Department, I invite you to a FREE 15-minute consultation to pre-valuate your options

In case you are determined to take advantage of the current borders closure and thoroughly prepare for the move, please book an individual 60-minute consultation, which will include written immigration strategy that takes into account all aspects of your personal case.

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