Just a quick question! Behind the scenes with the migration agent.

Today, we will discuss two very common questions in my practice. Unfortunately, I cannot explain the same to everyone, but I feel it is necessary to say something for your information.

So, the questions are “Do you provide a free consultation?” Or “Why Yulia Moiseeva sometimes is not responding to questions in private messages and/or invites people to a paid consultation?”

Here is my honest answer.


The latest edition of the migration agent’s Code of Conduct significantly limits the possibility of providing free migration advice. The logic is as follows – if the migration advice is given for free, there is no contract and the agent is not responsible for this advice, which some people could take as a call to action!

Thus, following the new rules, the agent is obliged to almost immediately transit the client to the “formal” stage and become responsible. It means taking money for service, the agent should provide quality and efficient migration advice.

Of course, I cannot say that free consultations are illegal. I always answer your questions on all social media or by email, and people often call me, and even ask something at night in messenger! But my answer depends on the depth of your question.


And here is another aspect.

Each of you wants to receive a USEFUL AND PRACTICALLY APPLICABLE ADVICE that will lead you to inevitable success and obtaining an Australian permanent residency visa, right? So, we need to work (study your documents, questionnaire, legislation, and other resources) to provide quality advice for you, and only then talk with you thoroughly.

Please believe me, 60 MINUTES CALL IS A MINIMUM to go through all the details of the case and the client’s options. You have to consider the time for preliminary research as well.

I would like to suggest to each of you, my friends, to respect your time and the expert’s time, having great results of our collaboration in the end.


Friends, I will never refuse a quick answer to a simple question in a private message and I always welcome you to consultations!

You can ask me questions at any time.

Just email me at and describe your migration issues!

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