Jump of my life

After the divorce, I had the period in my life required changes. Perhaps everything needed to be changed, but no solutions came to me. Depression, apathy, short-sighted steps … I did not know how to overcome this situation and to start planning and steps towards new brighter future.

I went with my friends to Byron Bay, where one of them should have a gift – Paragliding experience. This is a flight with a wing at high altitude, accompanied by an instructor. When we arrived at the place and a friend found out about the gift, he refused. This entertainment was not supposed to have any refund, so I decided to take the initiative in my hands. As you already understood, I actually decided to jump.

I usually calm when I decide on ambitious steps, but at that moment when instructors began to dress me in special equipment and … I got nervous! All life flashed before my eyes, the risks of a jump and the presence of a small child, the obligations and plans to live a longer and happier life were recalled. In general, I was scared!

Then the instructor approached me and repeated several times that I should make the decision right now. The decision should be a solid and final, because in a few minutes we will be in tandem and connected with the wing, and  we should do everything together, otherwise we may fly away completely in different direction and crash)))))

 “fearless Julia” finally answered “Yes!” and we made our steps on the ramp. The countdown began 3..2..1..go! Two steps from the cliff down and ….

The very next second we soared in the sky, rising high above the hill! I remember, that instructor was very surprised that I did not scream. And I was not there for scream! I lived through the magical moment of internal insights: I had the feeling that there were no more barriers in my life, nothing was impossible! That I am free to make and execute any decisions of mine, free to choose in life what I really want!

I often recall this episode, which helped me make important and fateful decisions, and also helped me realize that there are no limits in this world. Remember, friends, absolutely anything is possible!

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