Important information for student visa applicants!

The Australian Government increase the amount of financial funds the international students will need to show / declare for a student visa. This requirement has not been indexed since 2019 and needs to increase to reflect the current higher cost of living and expenses in Australia.

From October 1 2023, international students will need to show financial evidence of AU$24,505 (for 1 applicant), which is a 17% increase on current levels.

Furthermore, the Government has identified unethical strategies by certain educational providers, numerous instances of exploiting legal loopholes, and the usage of fraudulent documents. Therefore, measures are being planned to eliminate all dodgy educational providers and terminate their abilities to enrol international students. The Government will apply additional scrutiny to high-risk cohorts and request for additional documents to prevent fraud in applications.


I believe there are not a place for panic, just choose the agents for your migration journey more mindfully. Of course, the cost of professional services and discounts are important but not the only factors. If your future depends on it, you should definitely consider agent’s expertise, experience, and specific knowledge as the primary criteria.

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