Immigration Mythology. Myth 2 – Guaranteed Migration Through Marriage

Our next post about immigration myths.

One of the most attractive strategies for migrants is migration through marriage. You can find many legends, real stories, fairy tales with a happy (and not so happy) ending on the Internet. Migration through marriage looks very attractive – it does not require knowledge of English, age and education does not matter, the process of obtaining all documents is open and logical. But still, reality is somewhat different from expectations.

Obviously, if your relationship is real, most likely there will be no problems, and you will be able to freely enter Australia. However, due to increased numbers of fake marriages promoted by a number of agencies around the world, all documents for partner visas are carefully checked by the Department of Home Affairs.

Relationships should develop logically and consistently, where you will need to prove genuineness of current relationship, backing it up with extensive documentary evidence. If you got married a month after first meeting, and applied for a visa straight away – the officer will study your case for longer time, with possibility to schedule an interview and suspect that you have entered into marriage only for the purpose of obtaining a visa.

I recommend you carefully collect all the evidence of your relationship. Tickets, photos, gifts, letters, etc. And be happy!

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