If you really want to, you will get it

Let me talk about the migration rules that are supported by the legislative framework and generally accepted for immigration processes.

Migration legislation in Australia is so extensive that well-known public sources do not contain all this information. I want to say that on the website of the Department, which is used by majority of potential migrants, you will not find many of the nuances that a qualified migration agent must know.

But this is not because the government is trying to complicate the process for applicants or to lobby for the services of agents, but it is because all the ambiguous points are represented precisely in the legislative acts posted in the public resources, which are not the easiest documents to read.

In my working process, I read a lot of legislation, which allows me to implement strategies that, at first glance, contradict the rules, and successfully complete cases that other agents may not accept.

Let me give you the freshest example: this morning we got a client’s permission to waive condition 8534 on a Student Guardian visa (subclass 590).

Condition 8534 prohibits applying for any other visa being onshore. The condition is quite strict and is not quickly waived. However, the law provides the room where this condition may be waived based on individual situations (called compelling or compassionate reasons).

During the preparation of the cover letter, we pay attention to ALL the particulars of the case, including the educational process of the student visa holder, and presented to the officer a set of COMPLETELY DECISION READY documents. Of course, with such a deep study of each case, we don’t need to wait for success too long!

Now, after the condition has been waived, we are preparing the application for the next visa for the holder of a guardian visa, where the applicant will have full working rights and a Medicare, and the child will be able to study at a public school for free. Given the current priorities of the Department, this will happen very soon

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