How to migrate? 
How to eat an elephant?
In parts!

How to eat an elephant? In parts!

For those of you who have known me for a long time will surely remember that last week of May is always special and emotional for me…

In 2010, on the eve of my birthday, I received a license as a migration agent, so, according to a good tradition, this week we celebrate two whole birthdays – mine and my business.

To be honest, I don’t like to sum up. Therefore, let me dedicate this holiday post to you, my dear subscribers, to your motivation and your goal-setting on the way to Australia.

From my professional and personal migration experience, I know exactly how important it is to act progressively, purposefully and strategically on the way to your goal, especially if it is not simple, but complex, with many variables or even unknowns.

Therefore, I strongly recommend that you EAT THE MIGRATION ELEPHANT IN PARTS!

Yes, he is big and, yes, he scares everyone with his volume of information and four-figure sums. But I have two good news for you:

First, you have me and my team

We are always ready to advise you and direct your efforts. We work daily on useful content, assess your chances and give advice, build strategies and process your cases so that you can move to the country of your dreams without stress and grey hair.

Second, there are things entirely up to you

For example, your finances, your evidence of a relationship, or your level of English). You don't need any wish diaries or magic pencils, meditations or full moon wishes. The only mantra you need is a plan of action that will be in front of you and your personal responsibility and honesty with yourself.

Let’s imagine that you are ready to take action and learn English, with your perseverance

30 min x 2 times a day, 3 times a week you can get as many as 6 hours of study per week = 24 hours per month and 288 hours per year.

Looks impressive, but breaking into small parts you achieve your goal painlessly

I will give you my options for how I studied English for my migration:

  • fun options: listen and sing songs with lyrics to understand, watch cartoons and movies with and without subtitles (when you’re ready), listen to themed podcasts, watch TikTok / Insta / YouTube in English
  • standard options: read books, magazines, newspapers (yes, they still exist), themed materials for your profession
  • formal options: learn English with a tutor, do trial tests

Right now, please answer this question:

What did I do today to get closer to an Australian passport/Australian visa
for myself and my loved ones?

If your answer is “nothing”, then this is a definite reason to think about how good your plan of action is.

In case it’s not there, below you will find the most basic plan that you can rely on and adapt it to your personal case!

My recommendations and course of actions for you, friends, remain the same.

  1. Your homework: English/proof of relationship/financial security
  2. Strategic consultation (optimal “visa formula” for partners, students and professionals, selection of a profession, course, etc.)
  3. Contract and work on your case
  4. Your visa and your move
  5. Our further cooperation on the strategy (graduate visa, permanent residence visa and visa for parents, your citizenship, etc.)

You can ask me questions at anytime for free.

Just email me at and describe your migration issues!

Again you can use a form for Free Assessment below and we will keep on touch with you shortly with free written advice.

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