High refusal rates for visitor visas

When statistics speak, it’s important to listen.

Lately, there’s been a notable rising trend in the refusal rates for visitor visas for specific groups:

  • Health professionals seeking to come to Australia to sit registration exams have faced obstacles with their tourist visas (SC 600). The Department committed to address this issue with the processing section.
  • Provisional Partner visa (SC 309) applicants from high-risk countries being refused visitor visas (SC 600). There’s an idea to use sponsored family visas as an alternative and impose a bond for higher-risk applications in the migration professional community, but the Department reported that it is moving away from bonded stream visas.

Guys, please don’t give up!

I must confess that Yulia Moiseeva & Associates hasn’t had a single refusal for both students and visitors for months! This is because of our special dedicated approach and 14+ years of rich experience preparing decision-ready submission letters for our clients.

We warmly invite all of you to become happy Australians with the support of our experienced professionals, who are working to make your visa process easy and stress-free.

Just get in touch with us at and we’ll guide you through the visa application process. Your dream of going to Australia is possible!

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