Health examinations: change and requirements

The recent update regarding health examinations for Australian visas was announced on the official DOHA website. 

The temporary exemption from medical examinations and chest x-rays, which was created to applicants applying for a further temporary visa in Australia during the COVID-19 pandemic, concluded on November 1, 2023. Consequently, all temporary visa applicants in Australia may now be required to undergo a health examination.


Now let’s learn more about health requirements and exams for different kinds of applicants. Slide.

Permanent and provisional visa applicants

You and all family members applying for the visa with you must have health examinations. In some circumstances, family members who are not coming to Australia with you might also need to have health examinations.

Health examinations may include medical examination, chest x-ray, HIV test, Serum creatinine/eGFR. Depending on the circumstances (future work or study, type of visa, pregnancy or adoption) some additional tests also may need.

Temporary visa applicants

You and any family members applying for a visa with you might need to have health examinations. The examinations you need depend on:

  • what visa you are applying for
  • how long you plan to stay in Australia
  • whether any significant medical conditions were found when you were examined or during the visa application process

Generally, temporary visa applicants need to have the following health examinations: medical examination, chest x-ray, Serum creatinine/eGFR. In some situations (depending on risk level of TB of your residential country, your future work or study, type of visa, pregnancy or age) , you might need to have more tests.


Please note that you might not need to have all the health examinations again if you had any in the last 12 months. Your referral letter will tell you what examinations you need to take.

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