Global Talent Visa. Australia is looking for talents! Part 3

If you think that Australia is only interested in scientists, PhD doctors and other brilliant scientific specialists, then you will be wrong! There is room for global stars in Australian migration law. Interesting? Read on!

The Distinguished Talent Visa is for those with an internationally recognized track record of exceptional achievement in the following areas:

  • in profession
  • In sports
  • in art
  • in academic research

Meeting the requirements for an outstanding talent visa is a major challenge. The applicant must meet the requirements and prove that applicant is still prominent in their area of expertise and will be benefit to Australia, that applicant will not experience employment problems, and must be nominated by an Australian, New Zealand citizen or Australian organization with a national reputation in the areas  relevant  to the talent.

Please note that the recognition of an applicant’s talent by a particular state / territory does not count as a “national recognition” and therefore talent must be recognized nationwide. It will also be helpful to take an English exam (Functional Level (4.5) so that you don’t have to pay an additional government fee.

I am glad that this is a permanent residency visa, which is probably why the applicant will have to work hard and provide:

  • Relevant qualifications and awards
  • Recommendations from the relevant Australian authorities.
  • In case the applicant is under 18 or over 55 years of age, evidence that applicant will be of exceptional benefit to the Australian community.

Guys, if you, my dear subscribers, or your friends are such distinguished stars, please book a free consultation and we will discuss your outstanding prospects in Australia! And I will do my best to realize your dream!

Guys, if there are such stars among you or your friends, please sign up for a free consultation and we will discuss your prospects in Australia! And I will make every effort to make your dream come true and relocate to Australia!

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