Global Talent Visa. Australia is looking for talents! Part 2

Dear talented and highly qualified specialists from all over the world! This series of posts are for you! Australia is looking for you to offer a priority processing for obtaining a permanent or temporary visa and subsequent citizenship.

Australia’s Global Talent Visa program was launched in November 2019 with the intention to compete for the world’s best minds and bringing about 5,000 industry-specific talent to the country annually to help grow the economy.

The Global Talent Employer Sponsored Visa (GTES) is an employer sponsored program that allows an employer to sponsor overseas talent and highly skilled professionals in specific areas where a local workforce cannot be found.

The following criteria apply for a visa:

1.The positions are NOT limited to the list of professions for the TSS SC482 visa

2.You can agree on the options for exemptions in the criteria for the standard visa SC482

3.You can agree on exemptions by age for the transition to permanent residence

4.Gets priority in consideration of GTES visa applications

There are two streams within the Global Talent Employer Sponsored Visa:

  • Business Stream – Sponsorship of up to 20 positions available for advanced skills to help innovate existing businesses and make Australian businesses the best in their industry

  • Start-up stream – allows you to sponsor up to 5 positions. This stream is intended for innovative start-ups working in high tech or STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics). In this case, the start-up must be approved by a special commission.

This visa is temporary with the opportunity of transferring to permanent residence after 3 years of work with the sponsor.

If you would like to assess your chances for a talent visa, I recommend that you first book your 15 mins consultation to speak to us. Please use the button to book a consultation in the profile header!

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