Free assessment from OQU opened again in Victoria

Hi Guys,

Recently, a message appeared on the Victoria state website stating that The Overseas Qualifications Unit (OQU) has reopened for state applicants. The pause was due to a high number of applications to process.

You might be wondering what OQU is…? Let’s explore Victoria’s example.

Let’s start with the fact that each state in Australia has its unit (OQU) offering free and confidential qualification assessment services to have your qualifications recognized in Australia.

In a nutshell, OQU assesses overseas qualifications using national assessment guidelines introduced by the Government. Whether you hold degrees, technical certifications, or higher-level vocational qualifications obtained abroad, OQU utilizes national assessment guidelines to provide you with written advice on how your qualifications compare within the Australian education system.

Why might you need these assessments?

The overseas qualifications assessments can be used for general employment purposes only – if your job doesn’t require registration, licensing, professional membership, or other industry requirements.

Assessments serve as proof of qualifications for:

  • Prospective employers, who will be able to understand your level of education or qualification.
  • Resumes/CVs
  • Professional organizations and educational institutions, including professional bodies or admitting institutions.


It’s important to keep in mind that there are also exclusions. The Overseas Qualifications Unit does not evaluate degrees or qualifications obtained in Australia, overseas short courses (less than one-year full-time study), single-subject certificates or diplomas, overseas licenses, permits, or work experience documents, or overseas apprenticeships or trade qualifications.

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