Fair Work in Australia

The Fair Work Ombudsman’s Office (FWO) is an independent agency established under the Fair Work Act to help Australian workers and employers comply with workplace regulations. FWO has offices throughout Australia, located in the capitals and regions of all states and territories.

FWO’s role is to promote harmonious, productive and collaborative relationships. The Office is engaged in advisory and educational activities, assesses complaints and investigates alleged violations. There is a specific set of laws, standards and regulations, based on them, FWO staff strives to advise employers and employees to solve problems in the workplace.

FWO offers employees and employers free help and advice on payment, working conditions, rights and mutual responsibilities. If you are doubting, you can check yourself visiting

This website has some very useful tools such as a payment or annual leave calculator, as well as templates, guides, and many detailed recommendations for common problems:

  • Unfair dismissal
  • Discrimination or bullying in the workplace
  • Inappropriate working conditions
  • Incorrect wages

Fair Work actively supports businesses, for example, Fair Work Infoline can help if you are unsure about your rights and responsibilities as an employer, including advice on pay rates, terms and conditions of employment, record keeping, and other rights and obligations following the law.

The recommendations on the site will explain how to correctly act even in such delicate issues as:

  • I’m not sure what to pay my employees
  • My employee isn’t doing their job properly
  • I think I’ve underpaid my employee
  • My employee left without giving notice

As you already understood, Fair Work is a very serious organization ready to protect anyone!

By the way, they carefully regulate the working rights of migrants on sponsored visas and monitor the implementation of all regulations, avoiding abusing of workers in a dependent position.

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