English: to learn or not learn? That is the question!

You probably already know that for some types of Australian visas, knowledge of English is not crucial.

I prepared a list of visas where language proficiency is not required by law, but at least it will be your greatest advantage to have English language at appropriate level:

– prospective marriage visas / partner visas. Although the law does not require results of formal English test, it’s better if you have decent level of English – not only to havel conversation with your partner, relatives and friends, but also when relationship breaks down, you will need to read the law and know your rights.

– student visas. In general, you can come to Australia to study English, but a good level of English will be necessary to be able to apply for a good job  and not lose your professional experience

– if you are traveling as a second applicant and do not learn English in the hope that you will start when you come to Australia  and quickly learn language in English-speaking environment, I would like to warn you – this is one of the biggest and most common misconceptions. At least some initial base is simply necessary for you to feel a little more confident when communicating with local people, in ordinary life and at work, in the store and in transport.

You must admit that the level of stress from immigration is quite enough on its own,to avoid any more stress associated with language barriers. Here you can find out who are lucky ones who don’t need to know English for Australia at all.

  • Parent visas. Immigration over the age of 50 may also be a challenge. Despite the fact that knowledge of English is not required for such visas, studying it will help parents to be independent upon arrival, they will be able to navigate better in English-speaking environment
  • Business visa. Many potential migrants find it easier to pay all government fees, but to avoid a long story of passing the English exam. And they are absolutely right! However, there is a big BUT – business people migrate to Australia to conduct business in the English-speaking environment. For your best benefits, you can’t do it successfully without language.
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