CPA Australia Ceases Providing Sc 485 Provisional Assessment

Due to announced forthcoming changes to the Temporary Graduate (Sc 485) visa, intended to take effect from July 1, 2024, CPA (Certified Practising Accountant) Australia will cease providing provisional assessment services from 15 June 2024 onwards.

FYI: CPA Australia is an organization for finance, accounting, and business professionals. It provides education, training, technical support, advocacy, and skills assessments to check if professionals intending to migrate to Australia or New Zealand have the right qualifications.

Friends, with these changes, it’s normal to feel a little worried. We are here to support you! Please stay tuned for all migration updates. We are confident that new pathways for students and graduates will soon become clearer!

Moreover, if you are just considering further education for yourself or your children, I highly recommend exploring our newly updated guide “Education in Australia“, which is now available on our Immi School website. It’s an excellent resource packed with essential details and important requirements, designed to address a myriad of your questions.

You can ask me questions at any time.

Just email me at and describe your migration issues!

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