Challenges I faced migrating to Australia

If you would like to find some stories on the Internet asking “how people migrate to Australia”, for sure you will see successful cases and happy faces of Australian visa holders.

But very few of them will talk about the difficulties they have faced or still are struggling with on their way to a brighter Australian future. I would say that such information is helpful no less than migration agent advice or migration news.

Today let’s talk about this sensitive topic! I would like to share with you my own experience and I hope that this article will help you be prepared and handle it nice and smoothly.


Even if you don’t have to pass an exam (you are a partner, parent or dependent applicant), you have to know the language. At the end you will live in English-speaking country, looking for a job, raising children, communicating with government agencies and do shopping on daily basis. Definitely, knowing the language will make your life in immigration much better.

✹ My solution: learn and improve your English in advance, don’t be shy to talk and make mistakes.


Nobody understands until they experience it themselves. You will have to leave your friends and relatives in your motherland, and at the very beginning of your immigration journey, you can only rely on yourself.

✹ My solution: therapy with a psychologist, motivational books / videos, goal setting.


You will have to find a doctor, a hairdresser, your favourite coffee shop and food all over again. You will have to discover this world one more time: how transport works, where to buy buttons or nails, and what time shops are open on Sundays. Fatigue or even depression can suddenly cover you, everyone can burn out in a short time.

✹ My solution: self-care and good sleep. Remember, every single day is bringing you closer to your goal.


Unfortunately, it happens when migrant cannot find himself in a new country or cannot get a job of his dream, or could be forced to work in a position lower than he could achieve in the motherland.

✹ My solution: to find a hobby, to invest in self-development, to bring some benefits to society. Again, therapy with a psychologist.


Honestly, migration and settlement in Australia are required a lot of money. Whatever migration pathway you choose, you need deep pockets to cover it.

✹ My solution: firstly, you must understand that it is your investment into your future. Secondly, depending on your migration goals you can manage your expenses. “Time, Quality, Price – you can choose only 2 of them”

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