Budget life in Australia

Most potential migrants are interested how to budget and the opportunity to save in Australia after first arrival. Because on arrival most often you do not have a job and the money here is completely different here, unusual. You have to adapt, and, step by step, you begin to feel more confident, with your own life hacks

Here are my options on how to save in Australia:

  • buy fresh fruits / vegetables meat / fish at farmers markets where you can find buckets of seasonal fruits at a very attractive price
  • meat is also better to buy in a butcher shop – where for the same money you will find a better quality
  • you can live where you can get by bike everywhere you need – in Australia everything is equipped for this. You save on registration and buying a car and petrol. it has a positive effect on health!
  • You can share/ rent a room in a house or in an apartment. Then you will have a much lower rent, and in most cases all services are already included, such as the Internet, TV subscription, electricity.
  • if you are a student, do not forget to get a special fare for trips on buses and trains. When submitting documents, you will have 50% discount.
  • the largest supermarket chains, such as Coles and Woolworth, announce special offers, for example, ½ prices for certain types of goods.
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