Australian visa conditions. VEVO check

Visa conditions are mostly restrictions for visa holders to do or not to do certain things during the validity of an Australian visa.

The conditions depend on the type of visa, so you can predict your possible visa conditions. However, only an officer can make a final decision, so you will know your visa conditions only when the visa is granted.

At the moment, there are only 107 visa conditions, which are related to various aspects. The most common conditions in my practice:

  • Restriction in work
  • Restriction at the place of residence and work
  • Conditions for the studying or training course
  • Restrictions on entry or leave Australia
  • Restriction to apply for another visa
  • Restriction on marriage or non-marriage
  • Conditions for the provision of relevant data upon request

I would like to note that visa restrictions are not a sentence. I personally waive the conditions for clients regarding their further stay or application for another visa!
For example, parents with tourist visas can stay in Australia and apply for long-term Parent visas, or tourists could become students.

The procedure of waiving condition is actually not as complicated (of course, for specialists who constantly do it, like my team), but it requires the applicant to provide significant evidence and solid facts, where we prepare submission letter with written arguments to waive the relevant conditions.

I want to share with you one cool and very useful tool – VEVO Check

It is an official free service on the Department’s website that allows visa holders, employers, educational institutions and other organizations to check visa conditions.

In order to check visa conditions using VEVO Check, you need the holder’s personal data, for example:

    • Passport
    • Country of passport
    • Visa or transaction number
    • Date of birth for the visa holder

The VEVO system will instantly show details relating to the current in-effect visa:

  • which visa
  • the expiry date
  • the must not arrive after date
  • the period of stay (how long you can stay) 
  • conditions (what you can and can’t do).

You can upload the results in PDF format and use this document for applying for a job, renting accommodation, as well as for processing other documents where the 100 points system is applicable.

You can ask me questions at any time.

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