Australian Government budget and Migration program for 2024-2025

Big news, guys! On May 14th, Australia’s budget was released, and with it, the expected migration planning levels for the upcoming financial year.

Please check the pictures below to know more details of the 2024-2025 program year.

Additionally, there are other significant decisions affecting the migration program:

  • the 2024–25 permanent Migration Program has been set at a planning level of 185,000 (reduced on 5,000 places) with an approximate 70:30 split between the Skill and Family streams.
  • big cut of the independent skilled SC189 visa, nearly half of the 24-25 year level.
  • increased level for the ENS program and visas of regional and state/territory nominated categories (SC186, 190, 491, and 494).
  • reduced work experience requirements for SC482 visa applicants, from two years to just one.
  • data-matching pilot between the Department of Home Affairs and the Australian Taxation Office of income and employment data. 
  • new visa changes for citizens of India, Vietnam, and China.
  • the number of student visas will be regulated by the Government, and the educational institution’s ranking and the chosen course for enrolment will significantly impact visa application outcome.
  • the Business Innovation program and Global Talent program are transforming and merging into National Innovation visa.
  • new solutions for skills assessment of trade workers.
  • extended access to Medicare for Ukrainians and their immediate family members until 30 June 2027 and more funding for humanitarian programs.
  • investing in cyber security. 
  • some improvements and further reform of Australia’s migration system.

Additionally, starting next year, will extend the planning horizon for the permanent Migration Program from one year to four years.

Guys, this is just quick overview of the Australian budget with some migration news. Some are good and promising, others not so much.

I’ll be getting more details this Friday’s annual Migration conference for agents and will definitely share with you ASAP!

You can ask me questions at any time.

Just email me at and describe your migration issues!

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