5 non-obvious reasons to visit Australia

Many agents and bloggers talk about the obvious reasons for migration to Australia, such as the economy, nature, safety, and many more. Everyone knows about Australian benefits. Actually, those benefits are the main reasons why this country is so popular among migrants from all over the world.

However, there is something special in Australia that nobody talks about, but every visitor is feeling it, is pleasantly surprised and enjoying.

Actually, I used to recommend potential migrants to start the relocation from a visit to Australia, because not everyone is ready to “drop everything and start from scratch in Down Under”. This type of candidates would like to come and check if their choice is right before they will engage in the migration process.

There is also another type of candidate that I would recommend taking advantage of first entry to Australia as a Visitor and using it efficiently for a future migration case. 

5 non-obvious reasons to visit Australia


Drink the best coffee ever

Australia has its own special coffee passion: in each town (even super small) you will find a coffee shop. There will be definitely freshly roasted coffee, offered at least 3-4 types of milk and natural healthy sweets.

By the way, the world-famous Starbucks is not popular here at all. Australians prefer a tiny corner rustic cafe with an espresso machine and a friendly barista.


Find work-life balance

Oh, it seems that everyone is looking for this balance, but according to my experience, people can find it only in Australia.

Almost nobody is working overtime here, and on Friday afternoon people are all ready to celebrate the weekend. I used to meet people who did not want to take a full-time position because they are comfortable enough. They are enjoying their LIVE!

You will face a relaxed lifestyle within only one week in Australia. You will definitely meet easy-going smiling Australians everywhere.


Learn “different” English

English is English, you will say. Yes! But no… Australian English is the same species as Scottish or Irish.

It has its own unique accent, its own unique way to communicate and a nice dialect. Australians love to shorten phrases or give them a cute form, for example, avo – avocado, brekkie – breakfast, barbie – barbecue.

There are many jokes about Queenslandish. According to one article, people living in QLD outback do not open their mouths during a conversation, because flies do not get into them! Apparently, there are too many flies there.


Learn how to be tolerant

Your first tolerance lesson will not be long after you come to Australia.

Most likely you will feel hassle-free service on your first day. You can always meet barefoot locals wearing pyjamas in the supermarket. People are free to do what they want (according to the law, of course)

The cultural and traditional diversity has instilled in Australians respect and acceptance for the choices/origins/behaviours of others. Over the years, I am not surprised about anything or anyone in Australia.


Look at the world upside down

This is a term that people used to refer to Australia (and New Zealand). Down Under – this is how the Australians and people from all over the world call our exotic continent.

Of course, for many people who are living in the northern hemisphere, the Down Under land will bring a lot of surprises. At least celebrating the New Year in the middle of summer, isn’t it?

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