What is happening with partner visas?

I told you about the global trends in the migration policy of Australia. I have collected statistics that demonstrated the trend of reducing family migration in favor of regional skilled migration aimed for regional states and territories (except for Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane).

But! Something went wrong….

Or rather, a pandemic happened, and in order to protect its citizens and residents, the continent was quarantined, all Australians with families from all over the world were urgently called back to Australia, and all the forces of the Department were thrown into the implementation of these emergency bureaucratic measures.

With all the consequences:

Many applicants stopped receiving visas, and visa holders were unable to enter the country. Hundreds of people wrote to me in despair … I read their messages and felt for them! So that you understand the whole bad luck of the situation: for example, the flight was scheduled for 21.03.20, and the borders were closed on 20.03.20. And people have been preparing for this event for a year! YEAR!

Then my team quickly managed to obtain entry permits and connect several dozen loving hearts. We improvised on the go, wrote long letters and supplied them with tons of irrefutable evidence! Sometimes we submitted documents several times, because we always work in the interests of the client and do not give up until we receive the exemption to enter the country.

Today, the Australian Government continues to support and strengthen the institution of the family.

The number of partner visas has been increased to 72,300, which is as much as + 80% to the previous year’s quota! This is probably how DOHA wants to make up for all the pending projects, creating the most comfortable environment for its citizens!

But it should be noted that such an action of unprecedented generosity was announced only for the current financial year! Therefore, I ask you to act promptly and urgently, otherwise without you “they will eat everything tasty”!

How you can enter if you have a partner, spouse in Australia, or even if you just started dating, I will tell you in the next post! Stay tuned!

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