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Western Australia announced recently new requirements and expanded occupation lists related the General stream and The Graduate stream.

Both are eligible for candidates current resided in Australia, but if you are subject to a section 48 bar, you are not eligible for State nomination from Western Australia.

Occupations lists of Western Australia

  • ​The Western Australian skilled migration occupation list (WASMOL), which lists occupations available for WA State nomination through the General stream, has expanded to include a Schedule 1 and Schedule 2
  • The Graduate stream of WA has its own occupation list (GOL)
  • Applicants who have a nominated occupation identified on the WASMOL or GOL may be eligible for Western Australian State nomination for Skilled Nominated visa (subclass 190); or Skilled Work Regional (Provisional) visa (subclass 491)
  • Please be aware that for occupations licensing or registration could be required


Requirements of Western Australia

  • The existing requirements for the General stream will apply to applicants with an occupation on the WASMOL Schedule 1
  • Updated requirements are available for applicants for the General stream with an occupation listed on Schedule 2
  • The Graduate stream requirements remain unchanged and include gained Certificate III or higher qualification in WA

Overview of stream requirements (include but not limited)

​General stream WASMOL Schedule 1

​General stream WASMOL Schedule 2

​Graduate stream

​Nominated occupation

​WASMOL schedule 1

​WASMOL schedule 2


Work experience

​A least 1 year Australian or 3 years overseas work experience in nominated (or closely related) occupation


At least 6 months paid Australian work experience in nominated (or closely related) occupation.


​​Full time employment contract in WA for a minimum of 6 months in the nominated (or closely related) occupation.

​Contract of employment*

​Full time employment contract in WA* for a minimum of 12 months in the nominated (or closely related) occupation.

Have a Certificate III or above qualification in WA



​Meet the 2 years WA study requirement



​Demonstrate sufficient settlement funds

​Only if you are not currently living in WA

* Candidates nominating occupations that are designated ‘Regional WA only’ must provide evidence of a job offer/contract in a specified ‘Regional WA only’ area

English language requirements for visa

If you have a passport from the United Kingdom, Canada, New Zealand, the United States of America or Ireland, you don’t need to sit an English test to be eligible for Western Australian State nomination. 
You need to show PROFICIENT English if your occupation is an ANZSCO Major Occupation Group 1 (Managers) or Group 2 (Professionals) occupation. 
Otherwise, you will need COMPETENT English. 

Regional Western Australia only

Candidates nominating for occupations that are designated ‘regional Western Australia only’ in the General or Graduate stream must provide evidence of a job offer/contract of employment in a location defined by the Commonwealth as Category 3 – Regional Centres and Other Regional Areas (not Perth and Mandurah). These include the following areas by postcodes: 6041 to 6044, 6084, 6207, 6213, 6215 to 6537, and 6560 to 6770. 

Demonstrate sufficient settlement funds

If you live outside of Western Australia, you must have sufficient funds to cover your settlement costs and living costs for at least three months. You will be asked to show proof of funds through bank statements or asset valuations.
The minimum amount of funds required is:

  • for a single person – $20,000 (AUD);
  • for a couple – $30,000 (AUD); and
  • for every additional dependant – $5,000 (AUD).


Study in Western Australia

You must have studied at an accredited Western Australian educational institution, full-time and face-to-face, for at least two years.

You will need to have gained one of the following qualifications:

  • a university or higher education qualification. This includes a PhD, Masters, Bachelor or higher degree (Bachelor Honours Degree, Graduate Certificate or Graduate Diploma); and/or
  • a vocational education and training (VET) qualification at a Certificate III level or above.


You can use study from different qualifications to make up the two years, including:

  • university/higher education; 
  • VET (Certificate III level or above); and/or 
  • English language programs. 


The onus is on the applicant to provide evidence to show two years of living and studying in Western Australia. If, due to COVID-19, you were required to complete some of your studies online, you will need to show evidence that you were enrolled as an onshore Western Australian student during this period.


You can learn more about occupation lists with status for each occupation (actual for 9 July 2021) below.


Invitations will be issued on the third Thursday of each month. The number of invitations issued each month may vary depending on the number of applications being processed by WA Migration Services.

A little bit complicated system, isn’t it? Don’t hesitate to ask me if you have any questions! Email me