Waiver of 8503 granted within 1 business day!!!

How to waive condition ‘No Further Stay’ to have an opportunity to lodge documents for a new visa to stay in Australia during COVID-19? I receive this question every day in my direct mail or messages.

I cannot describe the feeling of joy I experience every time I achieve great results for my clients.

Today we received exceptional outcome for mother of Australian citizen, who was Visitor Visa subclass 600 holder with 8503 attached. We had to find efficient solution – her flight was cancelled due to COVID-19 and visa was due to expire on 04/04/2020.

It took only one working day for Department of Home Affairs to decide on condition 8503 waiver application. My client was granted waiver and applied for another eligible visa to extend her stay in Australia.

There is no coincidence – thoroughly prepared documents and extensive professional experience are the key to success! We prepared strong submission for this case and Department allowed waiver in record times.

Would you like your waiver to be prepared and obtained by professionals?

Fixed fee assistance 250AUD.

Please let us know if you would like to engage us for your case and click the button in header of website to get your own FREE consultation.

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