Tasmania State nominations – onshore and offshore options

Based on the information I’ve received during Tasmanian webinar, I would like to extend the previous post about a state sponsorship of Tasmania.

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  • TAS will focus on graduates. The college diploma will potentially lead to visas 491, Uni degree will potentially lead to 190 visas
  • Firstly, TAS will pay attention on technicalities of application and clear documents / sorted / labelled, to help processing officer make decision 
  • TAS focuses on those who are employed, preferably in the critical field and related to nominated occupation
  • You should focus strongly on thorough research on employment opportunities
  • Tasmania is small and State government will know everything which may be false / misleading information. It is highly NOT recommended to provide false certificates and documents that can be considered fraudulent. Please do not pay for reference letters and don’t buy a business used by somebody else for state sponsorship
  • If you would like to come to Australia to study, you have to carefully choose pathway with right Uni program and employment prospects, as only study will not guarantee state sponsorship
  • If you are working critical industry with different qualifications, it is good idea to get relevant certificates etc

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An important information! Tasmania is open to OVERSEAS CANDIDATES

Places for OFFSHORE applicants are strictly in TAS critical skills list and by invitation only (500 places). You will need comprehensive paperwork and a decision ready submission letter following all requirements of State government to increase your chance to obtain positive response

Yulia Moiseeva & Associates will be happy to support your application to prepare documents correctly or to develop strategic plan of your migration!

Be aware! Special offer with POST-PAYMENT option is applicable!