Tasmania is open to new skilled candidates 2021-2022

The Tasmanian State Nomination Skilled Migration Program supports Tasmanian businesses and increases the state’s working-age population.

It does this by attracting and retaining migrants with skills genuinely in need by employers, or with the capacity to settle in Tasmania through skilled employment in the long-term, and business activities that will increase employment opportunities for locals. 

Only minimal changes have been made to nomination requirements.

Tasmanian Graduates (Category 1)

Employment is not a minimum requirement for the Tasmanian Graduate nomination category however evidence of employment or business operation will be taken into consideration in our assessment where:

  • the employer is well established and has been operating in Tasmania for at least 12 months the employment has been for more than 3 months in duration
  • the business owned by the applicant has been operating for at least 6 months, or
  • where candidates have been employed in the dairy, meat, accommodation, logistics or farming industry for at least the previous 6 months prior to lodging their application for nomination, they should have completed relevant industry training of at least Cert III (or equivalent)

Working in Tasmania (Category 2)

  • Applicants must have worked for at least 3 months in the nominated or related profession from the TSOL list (see current TSOL list on my website).
  • The employer must be a “well-established business”
  • Applicants and their dependents have to reside in Tasmania
  • For other circumstances regarding Bridging or Sponsored Visa holders seeking AAT/Federal Court Review, you will find more information on the official website

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Migration Tasmania’s nomination priorities:

  1. Candidates with an employment and a skills assessment related to critical roles.
  2. Candidates with an employment and skills assessment related to the Tasmanian Skilled Occupation List.
  3. Candidates in other skilled employment (ANZSCO Skill Level 1-3)
  4. New business owners providing substantial employment opportunities for local Australian citizens, permanent residents or provisional visa holders.
  5. All other eligible candidates with skills or training relevant to the needs of Tasmania and who are able to make a genuine contribution to Tasmania through skilled employment.

Applications are being considered according to these priorities, with those in critical roles nominated first.

Existing applicants who are not in critical roles are being considered only after priority applications for critical roles have been processed.


What are critical roles?

These roles include people:

  • engaged by the Tasmanian Government and directly assisting in Tasmania’s COVID-19 response
  • providing critical medical services including all general nursing and medical positions with the Tasmanian Health Service
  • highly skilled and specialised roles in:
    – infrastructure engineering and maintenance such as dams, large-/high-complexity bridges, irrigation schemes, transport logistics planning and maintenance
    – agriculture such as artificial insemination technicians, livestock pregnancy scanners, and
    – the supply of essential goods and services would be in jeopardy without the applicant.
    – lower skilled positions such as retail workers, harvest labour, delivery drivers, or warehouse staff are not included as critical roles.

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