Strategic decision

In my practice, applicants for a student visa often are divided into 2 groups:

First group is eternal students. They sincerely love their work, constantly striving to take the best experience in all around the world. Usually, this kind of people are moving towards PhD

Second group decides to apply for a student visa after a pre-assessment for different migration streams

Obviously, future applicants can think like this:

  • the main issue is to get to Australia at any price, let’s see what will happen
  • people say I can take a couple easy courses and PR is in my hands
  • we will have work rights, so we will go as a family and figure it out on the go

Unfortunately, such statements can provide frustration.  The reason is the lack of a strategy, which is absolute paramount when planning migration pathway

Today education can be used only as an option to increase migration chances through:

  • Professional stream and additional points (research degree, regional location, English score)
  • Gaining local work experience, a real job offer or even a generous sponsor
  • Opportunity to establish yourself in professional area as an outstanding specialist, which opens a pathway to Global Talents Program
  • Genuine relationship with an Australian citizen or permanent resident

❗️However, to take all these advantages, you need to create a strategy which will necessarily include several variables, such as the demanded occupation/the right choice of university and state for education/the duration of the studying/your current experience and education/your own desires

I can agree, this situation seems difficult if you do it first and only time! But make sure it is so easy when strategy is my area of expertise and I write such strategies for clients weekly.

❗️I invite you to a strategic consultation following selection of an educational options for your individual case if we are working on your student visa application!

On the pics you can see an example of how we obtained grant of student visas during the pandemic. The media, according to the Government, say that students with an open student visa will be first who can enter Australia!