Signing contract with migration agent.
What to expect?

In this post I will tell you in detail about work under a migration agent’s contract based on my personal example, of course. I am convinced that our teamwork which definitely include proper preparation of you case will certainly lead you to your Australian Visa.

Okay, ready? Go.

1 First of all, working with a migration agent assumes that your agent has comprehensive knowledge, so you do not need a second opinion or, for God’s sake, replacement of agent in the middle of the process. Always pay attention to the qualifications, experience, reviews and feedback about your potential agent. Ask yourself if it is comfortable for you with this agent as a person? Are you ready to trust him with your future?

2 By the way, replacement of the agent can be really painful not only for your budget (you could pay twice), but also for your case. Sometimes it is no longer possible to fix other people mistakes (yours or another agent’s) or “rescue” a failed case.

3 We provide a transparent algorithm for working process for our clients: we assign responsible persons for each task and set deadlines to complete tasks on time.

4 The number of documents to prepare will be different for different types of visas. Obviously, for family visas, we will collect your family ties or evidence of your relationship, and for a skilled visa, we will pay attention to your work experience and references.

5 There are two parties involved in the preparation process. Our task is to prepare your migration case spotless and your officer does not have any additional request of further information (RFI).

At the same time, your task is to provide us with your personal information according to the list that we will provide you. The more complete, accurate and fast you answer to us, the better for your case will be prepared and the closer you are to Australia.

6 Usually, 3 people work on a case from our side:

  • project manager who collects and consolidates all information on special forms, answers technical questions during your case preparation
  • two migration agents who develop strategies, write cover / submission letters, contact the department and other organizations related to the case, complete a visa application, support you during the waiting period, dispel your doubts, answer all your questions of a strategic nature.

7 The migration process is not cheap at all. Of course, many candidates compare the prices of different migration experts and then make their choice. My recommendation for you, guys: compare not only money, but also the package of services (what is included in the contract).

Our clients, for example, depending on their needs, can receive unlimited communication (delayed communication applies), personal training on finding a job or preparing for an interview, advice on related legislative issues, and psychological support.

8 Also pay attention to the convenience of working process. Digital technologies are developing every day! Do not stuck in last century with emails and international calls! Our service includes: paperless work, all notifications in your mobile application, as well as organized storage of documents under the rules of Personal Information Security.

My dear friends! I wish you success and perseverance in achieving your plans!

I wish everyone who is dreaming of relocation to Australia, to wake up one morning from email notification from Yulia Moiseeva & Associate with the title “Congratulations! Your visa has been granted!

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