Protocol for students

Early this year, a second version of the protocol was published, detailing the development of a plan to resume the arrival of international students in Australia.

The document includes general requirements for planning and approving documents, requirements for students to be admitted before entering Australia, as well as requirements regarding health care and the intended educational process.

Below I will list the main provisions and requirements. You can download the original document HERE

The Foreign Student Arrival Protocol includes detailed information requirements:

  • about the stages of implementation of the plan and the increasing number of students entering over time,
  • the number of students from different countries, and it will also be necessary to provide detailed lists of prospective international students (new, returning students, as well as guardians and dependent applicants). A mandatory requirement in the lists is the presence of a valid student visa,
  • the institutions and locations in Australia that are involved in each phase of the program (quarantine, transportation, educational institutions, etc.),
  • on the financing of the program at the expense of the students themselves, educational institutions and states / territories, taking into account financial support from the Australian government and the Commonwealth,
  • arrangements with airlines, while respecting the interests of Australian citizens and permanent residents intending to return and existing arrangements for inbound flight schedules,
  • on the regulations for the passage of quarantine, quarantine capacity and medical control, as well as timely informing and multistage screening of students,
  • about the conditions of the learning process, student support, subject to physical distance and balance between online learning and the personal presence of students on campus.

In addition, open state / territory boundaries for domestic travel are an important and mandatory requirement, given that there is no potential need for local closures associated with COVID-19 hotspots.

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