Prospective Marriage Visa Australia: your opportunities 2021

Processing of Prospective Marriage Visa in 2021

I would like to tell you what to expect in possible processing scenario for applicants for Prospective Marriage Visa in 2021, for fiancé and fiancées of Australian citizens and permanent residence visa holders.

From mid-2020, Department of Home Affairs started consideration and finalisation of Prospective Marriage Visas SC300 again. After announcing the priority of family stream, applications for all Partners Visas are processed extremely shortly. In addition, there are constant changes, updates, additions and clarifications of legislative acts that affect the strategies of current and future partners.

My team vigilantly follows the news and creates the most relevant and working strategies so that our clients’ cases are as successful as possible and quickly receive a positive visa decision. Below you will find out info about the significant changes in the visa procedure and my strategies for bringing brides / grooms to Australia during the pandemic!

The validity of Prospective Marriage Visa has been extended

Due to restrictions on crossing Australian borders, from February 27, SC300 visas can be granted for up to 15 months (previously, the visa was valid for a maximum of 9 months from the day of issue). The duration of the visa will be specified by the Minister for each visa separately and will depend on “individual circumstances”.

Entry to Australia on a prospective marriage visa

Official sources indicate that immediate family members of Australians can enter Australia. Technically, this means that Prospective Marriage Visa holders are not able to cross the country’s border.

However, you have to have real circumstances or compassionate and compelling reasons to seek exemption. Careful selection of reasons and including them to the correct persuasive letter allow you to obtain an exemption for SC300 visa holders. To proof it, I publish below the successfully obtained visa and travel exemption for it.

Is it possible to apply for Prospective Marriage Visa now?

If you have met your Australian future spouse at least once and have serious intentions for a joint future, don’t waste time and don’t let the distance ruin your relationship!

I recommend you go through an express assessment of your chances and receive expert advice from a migration agent on the best strategy for your partner case.

Options for Prospective Marriage Visa

Generally, there are several working strategies for my team at the moment. However, remember, that each case is unique and the specific set of circumstances for each couple will determine individual decisions and perspectives.

Option 1

We apply for 300 visa and, based on special circumstances, apply for travel exemption. As I have said, no one knows for sure which arguments and appeals will work for a case! But our professional approach and experience provide a bunch of working tools for successful client cases! The package with a fixed price for Partner Visas includes preparation of all necessary documents.

Option 2.

We receive a granted visa 300 with an extended validity period (up to 15 months), due this period the issue how to bring my client to Australia is going to be resolved. For example, as soon as the borders are open, the visa holder will be able to enter immediately.

Option 3.

If your future Australian spouse has the opportunity to travel outside Australia, you organize partnerships and a joint life overseas, collect the necessary evidence for 6-12 months, then you can safely apply for a Partner Visa. As you know, Partners don’t need travel exemptions at all. Read more in article “Strategies for partners to enter Australia” (link within the site)

What strategy will you choose?

If you have read this article, it means that you are really interested to move forward in your relationship and find the fastest successful solution for your case. If you are serious – book a personal consultation to clarify ANY your questions or email me