Partner Visas in Australia 2021-2022: efficient strategies, custom solutions and 30% reduced consideration time

Probably everyone already knows that the Partners of Australians can come to Australia without any problems. We get a visa, buy tickets, get a quarantine and voila! You are down under!

In my migration practice we received a Partner Visa in just 3 months! Thanks to the well-coordinated work and decision ready submission letters, as well as exhaustive evidences of the relationship.

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Partner visas for same-sex couples in Australia

By the way, applying for Australian visas for same-sex couples is a standard process, the same requirements for a Prospactive Marriage visa or a Partner visa. We work with our reliable and proven “360º approach” with 100% confidence, couples can count on equal rights in visa processing.

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Is it quick to get a Partner permanent Visa?

According to the classic scheme, firstly you get a temporary visa, then within 2 years you confirm your relationship and then you get a permanent visa, followed by citizenship.

But! Do you know that in some cases, partners of Australians can obtain both temporary and permanent visas at the same time. Literally!

For example, if you have been in a relationship with an Australian citizen for more than 3 years, or your love history is shorter, but you have a child together … in such stories, if you provide enough evidence and documents to the Department, you can receive a permanent residence visa straight away. 

This scheme works both for applying from abroad (visa 309 + visa 100) and from Australia (visa 820 + visa 801).

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Customized solutions for partners

Another option we provided is non-standard but successful pathway:

We are collecting incredible amount of evidence and demonstrating necessities for a partner or fiancée to come to Australia, even if they do not meet the basic partner’s criteria.

Such evidence is usually associated with the particulars of the couple’s relationship or depends on some life circumstances. For example, the sponsor cannot leave Australia due to work reasons or the sponsor’s activities directly impact Australia’s recovery due to negative effects of the pandemic. There are many options, the main task for an agent is to correctly submit all information.

In this case, we can obtain Tourist Visas and exemption for partner-to-be to enter Australia.

You can ask, what will happen after such a short-term tourist visa?

My short reply is here: they are going to apply for a Partner visa and keep their happy family life safe in Australia with zero COVID rates, far from the political and economic cataclysms of the world.

Let me remind you that contract for Partner Visa at Yulia Moiseeva & Associates, includes a FREE filing of Tourist visa and exemption to enter to Australia! In other words, all the required actions are included in the standard fixed fee package of Partner visas!



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