NSW will be opened for students in December

The NSW International Student Arrivals Plan to return international students to NSW has received support from the Australian Government and NSW Government.

The Plan will allow 250 international students studying with NSW education providers to return each fortnight from early December 2021.

Only students who are fully vaccinated with a vaccine recognised by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) are eligible to initially return:

  • Moderna
  • Janssen-Cilag (known as Johnson & Johnson) 
  • AstraZeneca
  • Pfizer

International students will quarantine in purpose-built student accommodation in Sydney and adhere to the same health and quarantine requirements. This plan will not displace any returning Australians and the NSW Government will provide support around logistics and the coordination.

Education providers will directly contact any students invited to return to NSW, providing with them the information they require at every step of the NSW International Student Arrivals Pilot Plan.

All costs associated with travel and quarantine will be borne by participating education providers and returning students. ​Specific details about the costs involved will be communicated directly to international students. ​Returning students will be approached by their institutions based on a range of criteria and their individual situations.

Honestly, this is the right moment to think about your migration strategy, especially if you are going to realize your migration with Post Graduation visa.

Please remember that it is extremely important to make a right choice of the university, occupation, location as well as the course, including its duration. All these details will significantly affect your successful immigration process!

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