New opportunities for offshore applicants

It is recently announced that South Australia is going to open an additional 70 occupations to applicants currently residing offshore.

The minimum requirements for state nomination include at least 8 years work experience in the occupation or closely related occupation and a proficient plus English level (at least 7777 IELTS). Full requirements for each occupation will be shown on South Australia’s Skilled Occupation List from 10am, ACST, Tuesday 28 September 2021.

Offshore applicants meeting the minimum published requirements can lodge a Registration of Interest (ROI) from 10am, ACST, Tuesday 28 September 2021 as well.

Full details of South Australia’s state nomination requirements can be viewed on official website. Additional occupation list you will find here.

Please note that state nomination is a competitive process. There is no guarantee of receiving an invitation to apply for state nomination after lodging an RoI, even if the minimum requirements are satisfied.

However, you can represent your case in the best possible way following the specific state requirements, to do your best to increase your chances of being selected.

And it’s very easy to do it!

Use our special offer for a state nomination applicants: we will carefully prepare and submit your ROI, and you will pay the agent’s professional fee only when you receive your nomination!

Do you have any questions? Do not hesitate to ask me!