Migration updates from Tasmania

Several updates have been announced by the migration office of Tasmania.

Firstly, the critical roles list has been updated in response to the latest advice from Jobs and Skills Australia regarding Tasmania’s skilled workforce needs. All new and existing ROIs with directly-related skilled employment of at least three months in one of these areas gives eligible registrations of interest (ROIs) the highest priority for invitation to apply for nomination.

Additionally, the TOSOL has also been updated to be consistent with the new critical roles list and now includes ANZSCO Group 2324 – Graphic and Web Designers and Illustrators. New ROIs that include at least six months employment related to a skills assessment from within that group will be eligible for subclass 190 visa nomination (and subclass 491 nomination after three months). All occupations are eligible for subclass 190 nomination after 15 months of employment in Tasmania. 

Due to the small nomination allocation received this year Tasmania is focusing on the highest priority candidates for nomination, those with a gold or green pass. It is expected that all subclass 190 nomination places to be used by early May 2024. All subclass 491 ROIs given a green pass are currently being invited within two to three weeks. If there are nomination places available towards the end of the 2023-24 program year, the state may then invite orange pass holders to apply for nomination.

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As you can see below, not all nominations have been used yet.

Summary of Tasmania 2023-2024 Program Allocations:

  • Visa 190 – 512 on hand registrations of interest, 343 places out of 600 nominations have been taken.
  • Visa 491 –381 on hand registrations of interest, 240 places out of 600 nominations have been taken.

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