Immigration mythology. MYTH 1 – A 100% guaranteed migration after study in Australia

If you were interested in the topic of immigration to Australia for a long time, then you probably have heard this statement a million times! Do you have an immigration strategy?. Why is this so important?

I can give you some examples of frequent misconceptions in the next series of posts, and it will be up to you to make judgement 🙂

MYTH 1 – A 100% guaranteed migration after study in Australia.

You are planning to study in Australia and choose only the college / university and profession that the educational agent recommends (there are plenty of them in big cities). This is because the services of such agent are conditionally free – in fact, the educational agent will receive about 15-20% of the money paid by you for the course. Thus, with the cost of studying Master Degree program, about 50,000 AUD, you pay about 7,500 AUD to an agent without receiving proper expert advice on further strategy!

Nowadays, getting an education completed in Australia does not provide a clear and guaranteed path to immigration. First you need to get information about each state, determine where you potentially want and can afford to live (rent, weather condition, work opportunities), where you can find a job and whether there will be an opportunity for you to develop professionally according to your profile in the state that you have chosen.

 Next, you need to look at your current profile / your career pathways and determine which courses you can choose for your further study plan, taking into account duration of the study program, the ability to reduce costs if you can complete study package (college + university), or immediately enter the Master program, which again depends on your profession.

Have you ever thought of the research and doctoral degrees, which give extra points in obtaining a professional stream visa?

All of this is as important as the presence of your profession on Australian lists after you finally complete your degree.

Have you considered this way? Do you have a developed immigration strategy for your particular case?

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