I want to move to Australia, where to start?

At least a third of requests to our office begin with this phrase. If you are reading this, the topic is probably familiar to you as well.

Conventionally, there are two types of people who is interested in migration to Australia:  experienced and beginner.

Perhaps you are an experienced candidate who has read the entire website of the Department of Home Affairs (general information only), knows every single detail about actual visas and migration alternatives. Apparently, you have your own migration strategy, where, step by step, according all the hints, clear pathway was built to achieve the bright Australian future for you and your family.

What do I mean when I said “HINTS“?
For example:

  • different requirements of different states about occupations and experience for the Skilled Stream,
  • regular collection of evidence of relationship with your partner,
  • preparation of documents for balance of family test for the Family Stream visas,
  • approach to find a nominee for Global Talents Visa,
  • method of calculation in Point Test after regional studying and how to find an employer, etc.

There are a lot of hints, as usual …

If you find yourself in this description, let me shake your hand and wish you good luck sincerely! And also let me give you piece of advice: you can use professional migration support if you want to achieve your migration goals quickly.

But what if you are just a beginner and your main migration question is:

How do I move to Australia? Where to start the migration journey?

If you are starting your migration journey, these are probably the first questions that keep you awake at midnight.

Read my recommendations. Firstly, you should evaluate all the initial data to understand which stream / group of visas you are able to apply:

  • Find your occupation in Skill Occupation List or in Priority Migration Skilled Occupation List on the DOHA website
  • Calculate timeframe of your relationship and the seriousness of your intentions with an Australian or New Zealand citizen, or permanent visa holder in Australia
  • Determine if your professional achievements and talents are extended within your country or internationally. Do you have any achievements recognized you us an experts in your field?
  • Try to check if you are open for knowledge, if you have enough time and financial resources for international education to get new occupation, skills development or scientific degree in your area of ​​expertise
  • Take an initial test to check your level of English
  • Explore local employment websites with opened positions to find where is your place in the Australian labour market. Check classification and jobs to understand whether you qualified enough, are you happy with that?


Considerations within this framework will allow you to find the direction for the development of your migration strategy. Also, it is helpful to find the weak points that could be corrected shortly by yourself or with the support of specialists (teachers / mentors / migration agents)

Do you need a migration agent?

Moving forward to your Australian dream, you can go through general assessment for different visas and your eligibility. For sure it’s better to expand your knowledge having professional opinion and migration advice. By the way, by law only registered migration agents can provide you with migration advice!

This step is optional, but as you know, a second or third independent opinions are helpful. To get feedback from my team, you can complete our express assessment forms and receive expert migration advices completely FREE! Pay attention, the list of assessment forms below are constantly updating.

Alternatively, my clients come for an express 30 mins consultation to get detailed answers to specific questions or detailed 60 mins advice for developing personal strategy and step-by-step plan for immigration.

Contact us for expert advice at Yulia Moiseeva & Associates: book a consultation at a convenient time for you

Now it is time for the answer to the main question:

Do I really need a migration agent to migrate to Australia?

There is no simple answer. My clients are confident that working together with an agent

  • Are an integral part of the migration process.
  • Agents have deep knowledge and experience.
  • They know tricky things cannot be found in official sources or public forums.
  • Finally they can give psychological support, solid advice and persuasive plan which will bring you success!

Meanwhile, bear in mind, that the choice of a migration agent (please do not mix up with an educational agent) is not a very tricky, but also quite difficult process!

We will discuss this tricky process in the article “Things to know before choosing a migration agent

Stay tuned!