Things to know before choosing a migration agent

Choosing the right agent…

… might be one of the most important decisions you make on your immigration journey. Their skills, experience and knowledge will determine pathway you will follow to get the desired immigration

Let’s discuss how you can choose the right migration agent who will deliver successfully visa granted or citizenship to you.

1.The very first and fundamental thing you have to do is it make sure before starting cooperation that migration agent has MARN number on the official website of OMARA (Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority). This Authority makes sure that everyone who “helps with visas” is true professionals, competent and responsible, and not just dilettantes acting on his /her own experience only.

Meanwhile, you should remember that ONLY REGISTERED migration agents are allowed to provide you with migration advice. Neither an educational agent, nor a blogger “who knows the subject”, nor your friend who went through immigration themselves. The point is not even responsibility, but the fact that unqualified person apparently doesn’t know all entire details that can be important in your personal case.


2.Second, pay attention to the communication with the agent. Are your letter or documents “lost”? This should give you an idea that something wrong … We use special software that allows us to build transparent workflow and clear communication between clients and my team within project. You will always know what is happening with your documents when working with us.

We are trying to automate routine processes and provide detailed instructions to our clients. However, if necessary, clients can always communicate with me personally by special internal chat or by phone (have to book your slot in advance).


3.Thirdly, another challenge that you may meet is the choice between a narrow-specialized migration agent or an agent who doesn’t have specific visa preferences. Of course, each of them has its own advantage! However, sometimes the migration process can be unpredictable (for example, changes in migration law), and then you will need emergency Plan B. Usually an agent who thinks out of the box will develop for you more flexible strategy and will provide more migration pathways than just one visa option (student / partner / business, etc.).


4.The final step is to make sure you pick the right agent – you may research of reviews on Google, Facebook, or other forums. It is also a good idea to get a consultation first. During the consultation, you can always discuss your migration matters and even get a plan for your particular case. Usually, one conversation is enough to be sure whether it is “your” migration agent and whether you are ready to entrust him to your Australian future.

We understand how hard and complicated the choice of a migration agent could be. That is why we offer different types of consultations. Moreover, one consultation is FREE! Follow the link below to book!


I hope this post was helpful for you to navigate and highlight features to choose a migration agent!

We are always glad to be helpful for you!