How partners can enter Australia in 2021?

How to apply for a travel exemption for Partner visas?

Almost one year ago Australia’s borders have been closed for free travelling.

Unfortunately, because of the pandemic, many applicants have stopped receiving visas, or visa holders were unable to enter the country. Hundreds of people wrote to me in despair …

The Australian Government continues to support and strengthen the family culture. The quotas of partner visas for the current year have been increased by 80%, and the terms for obtaining visas for partners and brides have been reduced from several years to several weeks.

How can travel to Australia?

Today, entry to Australia without additional travel exemption is possible for a partner visa through clear and well-developed teamwork of migration agent and clients: we collect all the evidence of relationship, complete decision ready submission letter and receive Partner visa in just THEE WEEKS. We did it probably a dozen times in recent months!

How to enter to Australia with Visitor visa and exemption

However, each case is individual and unique, sometimes it is much more effective to collect the necessary arguments and bring a partner to Australia with a Visitor visa, of course, having previously granted travel exemption. And after arrival, calmly and without hassle, we apply for Partner visa in Australia. Clients are happy, they are far from the coronavirus, and sometimes this strategy is a little faster than traditional pathway.

Prospective Marriage Visas are still relevant: the validity of the visa was extended up to 15 months, and, in some SPECIAL cases, it is possible for bring SC300 visa holders to Australia, having exemption based on compassionate and compelling reasons.

What is Australian travel exemption?

Travel exemption is your benefit, your personal exception to the rules of Australian borders. Officially, the final decision to enter does not depend on your previous visas or DOHA decisions, it is based on the assessment of the submitted documents, but, unfortunately, it is subjective. If an officer doesn’t find out enough evidence of your case; as a result of consideration, he may refuse your application.

Therefore, my team prepares for an exemption application comprehensively, examining each case according to our «360-degree» approach: we consider the case from all sides, identifying the most effective and significant arguments, carefully and deeply working with evidence base, and create full and completed submission letter.

To seek expert advice about your chances of getting permission and entering Australia, please use our Express assessment form for Partner Visa or Prospective Marriage Visa.

During pandemic, I decided to help people for free where it is possible. As part of the work on partner visas, I don’t charge my clients additional fees for applying exemptions. Even if you have to submit documents several times! Moreover, the contract for Partner Visa or Prospective Marriage Visa are always fixed price.

I would like to tell all potential partners and lovers:
Take advantage of the prioritized visas with huge quotas and apply right now!

What do you need for this? Book for a free consultation or send me email and we will discuss your individual case!