Essence of migration updates

For you guys, who want to be updated, but have no time to watch live video, I decided to make a brief summary of the most important thing that I learned at the migration conference last Friday.

All the details you will read below, but I will summarize in advance!


How to migrate to Australia in 2021-2022?

Unfortunately, immigration is not getting any easier or faster.

States are becoming more selective choosing candidates, and state requirements depend on state economy needs and state strategy. In addition, states are paying attention to your prospective successful settlement.

Now, if you are planning your migration, you have to process even more diverse information and “work” (for example, look for an employer or conduct a regional area research).

I am convinced that strategic planning of your migration is step up to the next level! Now this is not just a useful migration service, now it is a MUST do for everyone who wants to make migration process successful!

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Student visas in Australia 2021-2022

The states will aim to reopen for international students. There will be expected quotas for the return of vaccinated students (by state or by educational provider). Quarantine facilities will be established and costs to be potentially spread between educational provider and students. Currently, only two states (SA and NSW) have announced an approved student return plan. We expect more news in the near future.

List of approved vaccines at the moment:

  • Moderna.
  • Janssen-Cilag (aka Johnson & Johnson).
  • AstraZeneca.
  • Pfizer.

Australian Skilled visas 2021-2022

Such visas are very limited for overseas applicants: only SA and TAS currently offer a limited number of places for ROI for 491 visas.

Each state / territory has its own requirements, and each client case requires individual strategic planning using a multivariate assessment model to identify the best options based on location, occupation and Government priority sectors.

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Employer sponsored visas in Australia 

As before, the issue of attracting qualified international workers is still actual and getting more active during pandemic. Both workers located in Australia and overseas could be considered. However, it is necessary to pay attention on requirements for Travel exemption. You will have to apply with comprehensive evidence if the occupation is not included in the priority list (PMSOL).

Parent visas 2021-2022

For your parents stuck in Australia, you can consider extension for Tourist Visa SC 600 or swap current visa to Long Term or Permanent Parent Visas SC 143/864/804/870. Alternatively, if your parents are single, they can spend this time “efficiently” and find they own partners.

Currently, parents who are offshore cannot come to Australia holding temporary visas. However, right now you can consider application for visa SC 143.

Australia Business visas 2021-2022

In addition to the criteria set by the Department, there are additional new criteria that are specific to each state or territory.

The Department removed the third-party funding requirement for the Entrepreneur visa. However, the states preserved a similar provision by sending candidates to third parties.

The requirement for the first business entry has been abolished, the consideration of business visas has been prioritized, and holders of business visas (including temporary visas) can enter Australia.

Partner and Prospective Marriage visas in Australia 2021-2022

Changes which are going to complicate the partner visa process (I mean additional sponsor approval, as well as an English exam) for partners are expected in November, but the date has not yet been determined. Read more 

Moreover, in November fully vaccinated Australians will be able to travel abroad. So it will be possible to arrange the first meeting in a third country (it is an necessary condition for Prospective Marriage Visa).

Prospective Marriage visa holders have the opportunity to enter Australia if two conditions are met: the visa has been granted + 12 months have passed since the lodgement of the visa application. Read more

Travel Exemption

No dramatic changes announced.

Occupations on the PMSOL is given you priority for visa processing. This applies to the nominated candidates for all employer sponsored visas SC 186, 494, 482. Read more

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