Australian Skills Priority List 2022

National Skills Commission has announced the Skills Priority List (SPL) provides a detailed view of occupations in shortage, nationally, and by state and territory, as well as the future demand for occupations in Australia.

This Key Findings Report provides readers with a high-level overview of results from the 2022 SPL, focussing on the themes that emerged during its production.  

Occupation shortages were most acute in Professional occupations, requiring higher level qualifications and experience, and Skill Level 3 occupations among Technicians and Trades Workers.

Findings from the 2022 list show that 31% of occupations assessed are in shortage, indicated as ‘S’ (286 out of 914).

The remaining 628 occupations are rated as ‘NS’ (no shortage) at a national level, although some of these occupations are in shortage in some states and territories.

The 2022 Skills Priority List is now available as a digital interface as well as a downloadable report, where you can find your occupation and learn more about the current and future demand in each state.

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The Skills Priority List is a great tool for all professionals and potential students who want to self-assess their career prospects in Australia.

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