The Capital Territory is open to all applicants

Overseas applicants, Canberra residents and PhD stream applicants have the opportunity to apply for Australian Capital Territory nomination under SC190 and SC491 visas.

Be aware, there is a different Matrix for Canberra residents and overseas applicants, as well as different rounds for invitations.


There are several nomination pathways for candidates depending on where they currently live:

Canberra resident applicants (you must be living and working in Canberra for at least 3 month)

  • Applicants in ACT Critical Skill List
  • 457 / 482 visa holders (at least 65 points)
  • Small business owners


– Overseas applicants within the ACT list of critical skills (you must be living abroad for at least 12 months and you do not hold a current Australian visa (or bridging visa), except an Australian visitor visa)

– Applicants whose employment is of significant economic benefit to the Territory


Matrix will automatically lapse after six months if an invitation is not issued, for each application you have to pay a service fee 300 AUD.


ACT has significant English language requirements (at least 7777 IELTS) for overseas candidates and residents for many occupations.

You can find ACT Critical Skills List  HERE

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Like other Australian states and territories, in addition to the basic DOHA requirements for candidates, ACT has additional requirements:



  • You are working full-time in your nominated occupation.
  • You hold the relevant Australian registration or licensing if it is required
  • You have a job offer in your nominated occupation (for SC190)
  • Employer statutory declaration that you will be employed in a genuine position and unable to find an Australian Citizen or permanent resident to fill the position (for SC190)
  • You have at least three years full time, post-graduate work experience in your nominated occupation (for SC 491)
  • Statement explaining the research undertaken and confirming that you are employable in Canberra (for SC 491)
  • You must sign a declaration committing to living and working in Canberra for at least 2 years from the date of arrival in Australia.
  • Confirmation of sufficient money to fund your migration and settlement 
  • ACT does not accept de facto relationship claims



  • You lived in Canberra and continue until the date of invitation at least the last 3 months for SC491 or 6 months for visa SC190
  • For SC491 visa – continuous paid employment of at least 20 hours per week in each of the 13 weeks up to your submission date
  • For SC190 visa – continuous paid employment of at least 35 hours per week in each of the 26 weeks up to your submission date
  • Employer statutory declaration that you were employed in a genuine position
  • Small business owners can apply for SC190 and 491 visas and must sign a statutory declaration confirming the details of your ACT Small Business activity
  • Self-employed applicants must prove 12 months ACT business activity and taxable income from AUD 520 each week for 13 weeks


I suppose ACT requirements may seem a little confusing, however, I have two good news for you:

First, ACT is one more state that accepts overseas applicants!

Second, we submit applications for nominations and visas almost every day, so our clients do not have headaches about processing and submitting documents – we take care of it all.


Let me remind you that you can always get a FREE assessment and our special post-payment offer.

Please be aware the occupation list may be updated.

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