ACT Invitation Round for 190 and 491 Visas

Hi everyone!

At the beginning of April, the ACT migration office announced another round of nomination invitations, opening doors for skilled migrants seeking to make Canberra their home.

Onshore nominees (Canberra residents) have got a total of 121 SC 190 nomination invitations and 142 SC 491 nomination invitations were generously extended. Among these, the Critical Skills pathway received the highest number of nominations, highlighting the importance of specialized skills in this territory.

Nominations for Small Business Owners:

  • SC 190: 5 invitation with a minimum matrix score 125*
  • SC 491: 18 invitations with a minimum matrix score 100*

*following ACT matrix

Nominations for 457 / 482 visa holders:

  • SC 190: 20 invitations
  • SC 491: 7 invitation

Nominations for Critical Skill Occupations:

  • SC 190: 96 invitations
  • SC 491: 117 invitations

There were 19 SC 190 nomination invitations and 103 SC 491 nomination invitations sent to offshore candidates, mainly targeting Critical Skill Occupations. This also demonstrates the government’s commitment to attracting top talent from across the globe to contribute to Canberra’s growth and diversity.

Nominations for Critical Skill Occupations:

  • SC 190: 19 invitations
  • SC 491: 103 invitations

As a friendly reminder, the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) allocates a specific number of nominations spots each month, but currently we do not have any information about April or May 2024 round results or selection round date.

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You can ask me questions at any time.

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