Why To Choose Australia?

Australia is well-known for its open migration policy – anyone who can satisfy visa requirements can submit documents for consideration and, if successful, obtain a visa and consider a pathway to Australian citizenship in the future.

For example, it’s still possible to migrate under a skilled migration program (with state sponsorship), which involves assessing your experience at the Australian assessing authority, as well as assessing your level of English (the higher the score, the higher your chances).

Other common ways to relocate are partner visas and business visas. Of course, you have to still satisfy extensive criteria, like being in a relationship with an Australian partner, or, in the second case, the amount of money that a future migrant is willing to invest in the Australian economy.

Many potential migrants try their migration through student visas, the requirements and conditions are quite loyal at the moment in the English-speaking world: for some courses, only an average level of English is enough to enrol, and the cost of the course itself can vary from 4,000 AUD (college) to 30,000 AUD (Master Degree).

A huge plus for potential migrant students is the opportunity to work officially during study time, which put Australia in a very competitive ranking among other countries for future migrants.

If we talk about life immediately upon arrival in the country, then the obvious advantages are a warm climate, clean ocean, relatively inexpensive cost of housing and food, high salaries and wide social benefits / low unemployment. And a very strong economy.

The only official language in Australia is English. It is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world – 1.3 billion people speak English. So potential migrants don’t need to study and prove knowledge of any additional languages. 

The next advantage that migrants emphasize is the unique nature. It is no secret that you can meet unique creatures of flora and fauna. Sanitary and veterinary control in Australia is very strict to preserve the natural heritage. The environmental situation in the country, in comparison with other developed countries of the world, is assessed as favorable, and residents of large cities often prefer to drink water from the tap. Specialists and volunteers are actively working on the processing of secondary raw materials and reducing excessive consumption in general.

Perhaps the only inconvenience of Australia is its relative distance from the rest of the “civilization”. On the other hand, at the same time, this is an absolute advantage, if we recall the global military operations and technological disasters.

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