Migration Agent Professional Fees

We provide only fixed fee pricing solutions.

I and my team will accompany you at every stage from the moment of signing a contract until you receive your outcome from Department. Our prices are fixed fee, you do not need to pay extra for additional professional services within the framework of visa processing.

For example, during COVID restrictions we were applying for our clients’ travel ban exemptions as many times as was necessary with no charges at all.

Yulia Moiseeva & Associates provides extended packaged services for all kinds of visas (no humanitarian or refugee), related services of third-party, and citizenship to Australia. We are experienced in appeals to the AAT and filing for Minister of Immigration intervention.

We consider that it is necessary to take a case-by-case approach which always starts with a migration strategy consultation to clarify goals, opportunities, and available options for each individual client.

Read more about your steps before you sign a contract with us in the article.

Working with us you don’t have to go to a bank or print/scan documents for signing. We are a modern practice where we handle your individual project through a phone app (free download) where you have access to all project steps, all instructions/templates, and live chat with our professional team support.

This helps us work with you and your case stress-free, efficiently, and quickly to achieve results in the shortest possible time. We are easily reducing your anxiety and making your migration process as comfortable as possible.

Yulia Moiseeva & Associates provides the following services:

  • Detailed assessment of all possible migration pathways to obtain permanent residency in Australia.
  • Assistance in enrolment into educational institutions in Australia. We can enrol you in absolutely any university or college.
  • Preparation of the most comprehensive and detailed submission letter addressing all visa criteria to submit your case to the Department of Home Affairs
  • Preparation and lodgement of visa applications, forms and documents for your case
  • Assisting the client on any issue and additional services during scope of work
  • Preparing additional evidence during case consideration and updating the file
  • Liaising client’s interests in various organisations (Department of Home Affairs, Skills assessment authorities, Administrative Appeal Tribunal, Minister of Home Affairs) 
  • Preparation and submission of the application and all relevant documentation
  • Preparation of responses to Requests for further information (RFI) from the DOHA during consideration of your case before the decision is made

Would you like to know more about our Migration Agent professional fees and visa charges? Please take a moment to complete this form and leave some details about your migration matter.

Please be aware, in case your migration case is urgent (your visa has expired or will expire in less than 4 weeks), you may have an extra charge because of the emergency of your case.   

You can ask me questions at any time.

Just email me at office@yuliamoiseeva.com.au and describe your migration issues!